Accuracy in Media

Finally there seems to be a solution to the illegal immigration problem. Add more border patrol guards. How did I come to this brilliant conclusion? All I had to do was read the reports on The Minuteman Project in Arizona.

Since they started their volunteer patrols of the border on April 4th, border crossings have dropped by about 50% according to immigration officials. Of course these efforts have been met with skepticism and derision from the media and civil rights groups. For example we have a Houston Chronicle headline “Minuteman Project dangerous, but puts focus on immigration policy” with the lead describing a volunteer that was “armed to the teeth.” Other reports called them racists and gun toting rednecks. While I can’t vouch for all the volunteers I can say that my cousin’s husband volunteered and he is a middle aged airline pilot so he doesn’t exactly fit the media’s profile of a typical Minuteman. Throw in the following comment from Eleanor Eisenberg, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona who said “The Minuteman project has created a powder-keg situation with the potential to go beyond harassment and false imprisonment to real violence,” and you have another example of how the media has fueled the anti Minuteman sentiment.

Well we haven’t had any border skirmishes and now residents in Yuma say they wouldn’t mind having a similar patrol in their area so the media’s campaign in this instance seems to be going nowhere much to their consternation.

While the real solution to the illegal immigration problem will require more than additional border agents, it is a start and as this project has shown it can have a dramatic effect. The President would do far more good to enforce our borders rather than kowtowing to the Mexican government.

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