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White House Press Secretary Jay Carney appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe last Thursday and reflected on his first six months since taking over for Robert Gibbs.

I had a lot to learn. I brought something to the table because of my relationships in the press and my perspective. As you guys know I worked for the vice president, vice president Joe Biden for the first two years here and that was an incredible experience. I had some great mentors help me through the change in perspective and what it means to be on this side. But I still think now, in this position, I understand. I’m in the briefing room now, I’m looking at the rows of chairs here, one where I used to sit, and I get where they’re coming from. I obviously don’t always agree with them, I don’t always enjoy every moment of every briefing. But I understand their questions and where they’re headed and how I can either help or steer. So I think I bring something to this, but you learn every day. …

There’s not a day that goes by … where I don’t stop for a moment and say, ‘This is incredible. I can’t believe I’m here.’

Carney may thinks he understands the press corps’ questions, but it is often clear from his deer-in-the-headlights look that he still isn’t fully capable of handling the tougher situations that are more frequent these days as the media lose patience with the Obama administration.

Admittedly, Carney has a tough job as he has to defend the failed Obama administration policies while keeping a straight face, but it could probably be done better by someone more experienced in dealing with the media.

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