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Van Jones, the former Obama Green Jobs Czar, told Keith Olbermann that the Occupy Movement is maturing because they are starting to look at actual issues and actual topics.

Jones was responding to Olbermann’s question as to whether or not the Occupy the Highway march from New York to Washington was really worth it if there were going to only be 150 people as opposed to one million.

Jones: This is important. I—I think that one of the things that people were saying early on, you know, “Occupy—they don’t have any demands, what are they doing?” Well first of all, it was important that they—it’s not for lack of demands that the progressives haven’t made any headway. We’ve got more demands than we know what to do with. Nobody cared. They were able to get people to care, and to make the problem big enough that people have to look for solutions. That was the first step. Two things have happened now, I think, that anybody watching this has to see as a very good sign. First of all, Occupy Wall Street came out and they called the White House out and they said the White House should not be considering doing the sweetheart deal with Wall Street, letting Wall Street write a check and get away with never being investigated for 2008. That came out of nowhere but it was shocking because suddenly this group is very amorphous, talking about every problem under the sun—focused on a topical issue. Now you see another beat in that new story. They’re marching—again on a topical issue, the super committee—which is going to, you know, have a wrecking ball run through the American people, more austerity, more pain. It’s been in the corners, suddenly Occupy shines a spotlight. You’re starting to see, now, this movement mature. And they’re starting to look at actual issues, actual topics, that if they raise a flag around, suddenly the media starts to engage.

It’s good to know that the movement is finally maturing, in Jones’ words. Maybe that means that the crime and violence that have pervaded much of the movement will now begin to subside. Or maybe that the movement will choose a real person as leader rather than a dog as they just did in Denver. Best of all would be if they came to understand the main cause of the plight we’re in, and move their Occupy banners in front of the White House (bailouts, crony socialism and the SEC that is supposed to police Wall Street); the Department of Justice (failure to convict any of the supposed criminals on Wall Street); and Congress (for Dodd-Frank, which established the current rules governing Wall Street). Instead, Occupy has become a  banner under which Van Jones and other extreme leftists have gathered to push their even more radical agenda on America. All this while leaving a trail of filth, bodily and property damage, and an era of civl unrest.

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