Accuracy in Media

In another sign of moral decay, USA Today ran an article on January 27th in the Life section titled “Mommy Hottest”. In the article the papers quotes various mothers who try to stay young by dressing like Britney Spears or other teenage role models.

One mother 33 year old Michelle Card says that she and her friends “don’t want to look older because they are moms”. Her 10 year old son says that his mom “looks more like a teenager”. Another mom, 41 year old Irene Slatest says she has been wearing the same types of clothes since her 20’s. “I’m all about the low cut (tops), the 3 inch heels, the tight clothes”.

That’s just what I want. A mother wears low cut tops and tight clothes and then is ogled by all the teenage boys and men in the neighborhood. Don’t these mothers understand that by dressing like a person half their age sends completely the wrong signal to their children? Do they want their kids to dress like Britney or Paris Hilton baring almost all when they get older? I hope not.

I don’t know how widespread this feeling is among women to look half their age is, but I have no doubt it has been largely fueled by the medias glamorization of movie and television stars having plastic surgery as well as programs like Desperate Housewives.

As for me I just want my wife and mother of three children to be a mature loving mom and be happy for who she is and what she looks like

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