Accuracy in Media

In her article writer Marcela Sanchez paints illegal immigrants as resourceful and victims of repression in their home countries as reasons that they deserve a chance to live in the U.S. She also throws in the overused term”racial profiling” as another reason that Latino immigrants aren’t treated fairly. Bring out the violins please.

She also writes the following; Immigrants don’t learn to respect the law simply by being punished for not doing so, or furthermore, if laws are turned unjustly against them, as many immigrant advocates maintain. What? Is she saying that when we punish illegals for not obeying the law we are being unjust, that they won’t learn to respect the law? Sanchez also calls the fact that her Latino hairdresser offered her a pirated dvd is due to the culture being “resourceful” even thought it is criminal. For some reason I don’t think that the movie industry finds it amusing that these people are so resouceful.

What is left out of this article is the fact that with illegal immigration we also now have more crime,gang activity, a larger terror threat and an increased load on our public schools who don’t require proof of immigration status to enroll children. There should be no free ride for those that break our laws.

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