Accuracy in Media

Green activists vandalize SUV’s in the U.K. under the banner of global warming.

From the Guardian.

Green campaigners are being blamed for vandalising a number of 4×4 cars in Marston, Oxford, on Thursday night. The owners of six vehicles found that tyres had been let down and warning letters plastered to the windscreens.

‘Driving an SUV is an unacceptably selfish act in the face of this global emergency,’ the notes state. ‘Your destructive vehicle and scores of others across Oxford have been disabled as part of a wider struggle to avert a global emergency.’

A Land Rover Discovery, two Honda CRVs, a Mitsubishi Shogun, a Subaru and a Mitsubishi truck were attacked. ‘To target 4x4s is unfair, given the fact that mine has a much smaller engine than bigger cars. But it is nothing more than an irritant,’ said Daniel Lea, owner of one of the Hondas.’

If activists think letting the air out of tire of SUV owners will get them to stop driving their vehicles they are sadly mistaken. In the British venacular they are nothing but a bunch of yobs.

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