Accuracy in Media

Former Washington Post blogger Elizabeth Flock, who resigned from the paper in mid-April, announced on Twitter that she has been hired to blog for U.S. News & World Report. She will be the lead writer for the Washington Whispers blog which was previously written by Paul Bedard, who is now with The Washington Examiner.

Flock resigned after it was revealed that she made extensive use of material from Discovery News without attribution in a post in April. The Post had to issue its second Editor’s note in four months to apologize for her sloppiness in a blog post.

Back in December, the Post issued an apology for a Flock post using information that she picked up from a left-wing blog that accused the Romney campaign of using a KKK slogan in his stump speeches and in a campaign ad. Flock also accused the campaign of not doing its research when in fact she hadn’t bothered to verify the information.

These problems apparently weren’t serious enough to prevent U.S. News from hiring Flock and giving her a high profile assignment. But if they don’t keep a close eye on her they could wind up with their own Flock flop.

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