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Twitter shares dropped 6 percent on Thursday after reports that Fox News has not tweeted from its account for three weeks sparked fears of a conservative backlash against the social media giant for its perceived liberal bias.

Politico reported on Wednesday that the last tweet from Fox News was on November 8 in what it called a “silent protest” after left-wing activists posted FNC anchor Tucker Carlson’s home address on the platform resulting in a mob protest in front of his house.

The protest also covers the Fox Business News account and a few other official Fox News feeds.  The network hasn’t commented on the action which affects its 18.3 million followers.  As of the last tweet the account has sent 419,000 tweets since being established.

Fox has been unhappy with the lack of response from Twitter for allowing the platform to foment the protests at Carlson’s house.

Twitter has been working to eliminate fake accounts which permeate the site but has also been caught up in deleting accounts of conservatives often without explanation.

The company just restored the account of conservative commentator Jesse Kelly after U.S. Senator-elect Josh Hawley said that Congress should investigate the company for summarily suspending his account.

Twitter also permanently suspended the account of Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy saying that her anti-transgender tweets violate Twitter’s rules against hate speech.

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