Accuracy in Media

The top trending topic on Twitter this morning is #CNNBlackmail after users reacted to a perceived threat the network made against the Reddit user who created the GIF, that was later turned into a video and retweeted by President Trump showing him body slamming CNN.

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski of the network’s KFILE managed to track down the user’s identity-which the network agreed to keep confidential as long as he agrees to not repeat “this ugly behavior on social media again.”

Many Twitter users interpreted this as a threat to a private citizen, that should he misbehave again that they would reveal his identity–which is called doxxing .

Even a reporter from the liberal website Vox thought CNN had gone too far.

Kaczynski said the statement was being misinterpreted,

Considering the amount of fake news that CNN has been caught reporting lately, they aren’t likely to get a lot of sympathy for their claims of being misinterpreted–something they have a long history of doing to others they don’t agree with.

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