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ABC’s The View is concluding one of its most tumultuous seasons with the axing of Nicolle Wallace after just one year as the conservative voice of the program.

Wallace, who was the communications director for former President George W. Bush, was hired to fill the slot vacated by Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who fled to friendlier pastures last September to become a co-host of the Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends.

The View has already lost Rosie O’Donnell—who returned to the show for a second time, but left in February citing personal issues—and Rosie Perez, who recently announced that she wouldn’t be returning for a second season.

According to Variety, Wallace “underwhelmed” ABC executives by not providing enough dissent on political issues, and repeatedly voicing her limited knowledge about celebrities.

The decision doesn’t surprise me since I wrote the following last September when it was announced Wallace had been chosen over more conservative candidates:

Instead of bringing in a strong conservative voice to provide real debate on the issues, ABC punted by hiring Wallace, thus ensuring another year of blathering, boring liberalism from The View.

That blathering, boring liberalism has resulted in ratings falling 16 percent in the second quarter compared to 2014, and has cast serious doubts about the viability of the show going forward.

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