Accuracy in Media

I’m glad that journalist and MSNBC talk show host Tucker Carlson didn’t quit his day job when he signed on to participate in ABC’s Dancing With the Stars program this fall.  The first episode aired last night and Tucker who had six weeks of training stumbled badly out of the gate on last night’s attempt to dance the cha-cha.  I say attempt since Tucker was not only stiff as a board, but barely danced at all letting his professional partner handle most of the load.

Carlson never said he was a dancer and it showed and he received the lowest score from the judges.  Combined with the public voting and the predictable result was that tonight he and his partner were the first couple to get bounced from the competition. 

I feel sorry for Tucker since not only did he bow out so quickly, but even worse the liberal lunatic of a talk show host Jerry Springer is still in the race.  Even Springer was surprised that he survived.  At this rate I predict he will be gone in two weeks unless someone drops dead on the floor. 

Tom DeLay’s favorite, country singer Sara Evans had the second lowest judges score last night, but lived to dance another week.  It doesn’t appear that DeLay has enough influence to get her to the top so she will be on the edge unless she improves dramatically.

Maybe next year the producers can find a conservative who can dance and make us proud, or is it a liberal media conspiracy to make us look like oafs?

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