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Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has pulled off yet another public relations coup by deciding to skip Thursday night’s GOP debate on Fox News.

Trump, who has been feuding with Fox since the first debate the network hosted in August, has apparently decided that he doesn’t need to be present for the final debate before the Iowa caucus, and he may be right.

In general, debates are usually not very beneficial to the frontrunner and in Trumps case they have been a mixed bag. The debate ratings have soared through the roof, thanks to his participation, while legitimizing him as a candidate to some. Yet they have exposed his lack of knowledge about certain issues, which has raised questions about his ability to be president.

Even though Trump has stated that his withdrawal from the debate wasn’t about Megyn Kelly—who grilled him in the August debate—his tweet that called her a “lightweight reporter” says otherwise.

Just like in August, it looks like Trump is still trying to avoid the tough questions and has decided that skipping the debate is insurance that he won’t stumble before the Iowa caucus. This may pay off for him, but the real winners will be his opponents who will now have the debate stage to themselves, and can actually have a substantive debate without the distraction of Trump.

Now if they would only do away with the undercard debate.

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