Accuracy in Media

Just in case you thought that political correctness was limited to the U.S. comes a story from across the pond of a young student who was forced to stop wearing a crucifix to school.

Sixteen year old Sam Morris in Derby was asked by Howard Jones the deputy head of the Sinfin Community School to remove the crucifix that she had worn around her neck for the last three years.  When Sam refused the request she was sent home and stayed there for two days until her mother relented.  The only reason that she sent Sam back to school without the crucifix was that there were some very important exams taking place and she couldn’t afford to miss the tests.

Now contrast this ban with the approval from the same school that allows Sikh students to carry kirpan and wear traditional metal bracelets and karas as they are considered religious symbols.  So what exactly is a crucifix to Mr. Jones?  He called it a trinket.  I have personally never worn a crucifix but the people I know who do would not consider it a trinket. 

It is just another example of how far Great Britain has gone to avoid offending non-Christians hospitals in Leicester banned bibles from bedside cabinets and a crucifix was removed from a hospital chapel in Newham, east London. 

This behavior is crazy.  Do the people who make these decisions think for a minute that if they went to a country that was non-Christian that they would remove their religious symbols so as not to offend Christians?  Of course not!

What people like Howard Jones don’t realize is that his effort to protect a minority that didn’t ask for help creates far more friction than if he had just left well enough alone.

Howard you are a twit.

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