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tom brokaw on meet the press

Former NBC evening news anchor Tom Brokaw criticized Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton on Sunday for her assertion in an interview with Andrea Mitchell on Friday that she didn’t really “think” about the effect of having an unsecured email server at the State Department.

Appearing on Meet the Press, Brokaw said he was “stunned” that in this digital age Clinton couldn’t foresee the potential risks of her private server being hacked, and that this entire episode has undermined her campaign message that she knows what she’s doing:

BROKAW: She’s made some huge mistakes, in my judgment. In that wonderful interview that Andrea initiated and typical of Andrea she went right after that issue, when she said ‘I didn’t think’ about the effect of email, I was stunned. We were deep into the digital age at that point. She’s secretary of state.

TODD: Do you believe her?

BROKAW: I believe that she was presumptuous, is what I believe, and that’s what a lot of people think, that she’s presumptuous about, if I believe it, it’s the right way of doing things. Where were the security people at the State Department saying, ‘No, Madam Secretary,’ you have to have a secure server over here. You can have something off to the left. Colin Powell said that he did. But at this point, to suggest that as secretary of state, as much as she’d been around, she didn’t think about the impact and the possibility of hacking, just astonishes me. I think it takes away from her big argument of ‘I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I know what I’m doing.’

The Clinton campaign was hoping the interview with Mitchell on Friday would resolve the questions surrounding the email server scandal, but instead it did exactly the opposite, as she doubled down on her claim of innocence and refused to apologize for her actions.

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