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Will the Today show survive the departure of “America’s Sweetheart” Katie Couric? If her replacement’s early comments are indication the show could lose a large segment of their audience as the switch is made to the edgier and more outspoken Meredith Vieira.

In a column by Howard Kurtz of The Washington Post Kurtz quotes Vieira after being introduced as Couric’s replacement as saying “I had 20 years of news where I never said anything;now every other word out of my mouth is ‘orgasm’.” Whoa! I am not a regular viewer of the Today show, but I certainly don’t recall Katie ever using the ‘o’ word with any regularity if at all. A new day is apparently dawning at NBC.

But wait, there is more! Later in his column Kurtz mentions Vieira recalling an incident on “The View” “when my boob fell out of my dress” and “nobody noticed.” He then went on by noting that Vieira has also talked about how she hates to wear underpants and how he husband uses computer lingo when they have sex. This is too much information for me.

Vieira has also received criticism from the Media Research Center who noted that she marched in an anti-war demonstration in 2004 and said the pretext for war was built on lies. I don’t think she will be making any USO tours anytime soon.

NBC had a chance to keep the Today show from tilting to the left, instead they have but turned the show over to the liberals with their latest move.

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