Accuracy in Media

During a lengthy segment on Mitt Romney on Chris Matthews’ Hardball Thursday night, Time magazine’s senior political analyst Mark Halperin admitted that the mainstream media have targeted Romney since his caucus victory in Iowa.

Halperin: Our colleagues in the last 24 hours, because we want a race and because Romney is a big target, have gone after Romney.

Matthews interrupted and held up a copy of this week’s Time magazine cover featuring Romney, with the headline, “So you like me now?” saying that it isn’t an attack on Romney.

Halperin then amended his previous remarks by telling Matthews that he shouldn’t have said everybody, which actually he didn’t say, but which Matthews surprisingly accepted.

Viewers of Hardball already know that Matthews has gone into high gear in an effort to destroy Mitt Romney’s campaign, fearing that he will be the Republican nominee for president.

Even though the media have been on the attack against virtually all the Republican candidates, they have launched the largest number of attacks against Romney, who is the current frontrunner, and is whom polls have shown has the best chance of beating Obama in November.

Matthews and the mainstream media are only just getting started against Romney. You can bet that with each primary victory from this point on the attacks will only increase in number and viciousness as they try to protect Obama during what will be a very tough re-election campaign.

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