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The New York Post’s Page Six reports today that David Gregory could be replaced as moderator of Meet the Press shortly after the November election.

Rumors have been swirling for months about Gregory’s future at Meet the Press, as the ratings have sunk by 45 percent since he took over from the late Tim Russert in 2008. Gregory has turned Russert’s decade-long run at number one into a perennial third-place finish among Sunday morning talk shows.

The Post reported that while NBC News President Deborah Turness is publicly supportive of Gregory, she is seriously concerned about the ratings problems. The Post cites a source who told them that the discussion about Gregory is whether to replace him before the elections or after, giving a new moderator time to settle in.

If Gregory were to get the boot, the most likely successor is NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd, with Joe Scarborough and Savannah Guthrie as remote possibilities.

While Todd is no conservative, he hasn’t been afraid to criticize Democrats lately and would be a good fit, with his interviewing skills and his vast political knowledge.

Filling Russert’s shoes would have been difficult for anyone, but to take a top-rated program and drag it down to third place reflects badly on Gregory. If NBC is hoping to be competitive again in the Sunday morning talk show derby, then they should make a change sooner rather than later.

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