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Time Magazine’s Father’s Day Tribute Omits Black Dads—Media Silent

Time magazine’s “Letters  From Dad [1]” collection for Father’s Day failed to include a single black father, and with the exception of one black liberal, the media have been largely silent on the omission.

obamaThe collection, which featured letters from 15 fathers, managed to include three Latinos—Rubio, Lopez and Garcia, but no blacks.

When Tampa Bay Times media critic Eric Deggans learned of the omission he tweeted, “Wow. When TIME magazine asked several famous dads to write Father’s Day letters, they forgot to include black men.” That elicited some comments from his followers, with opposing views, including someone who posited that maybe Bill Cosby or Will Smith was asked to contribute to the collection but turned Time down. That in turn got Deggans to ask in a tweet, “Are those the only famous black fathers TIME knows? Larry Fishburne had a movie opening this past weekend.”

Note that Deggans, who is generally not shy about calling conservatives racist, never brought up the possibility of racism being a factor at Time, since it’s a liberal publication, and, of course, only conservatives can be racist.

And what about the most famous black father in America today—Barack Obama? Maybe he was asked and declined, but it’s hard to imagine the President turning down an opportunity to spin his image in a positive manner, especially with all the scandals that are plaguing his administration.

The fathers who made the cut were Aaron SorkinBassem YoussefBruce JennerChuck SchumerEthan HawkeJerry Jones, Joe KleinMarco RubioMario LopezMichael BloombergMichael BuckleyRahm Emanuel, Richie SamboraRodrigo Garcia and Tom Brokaw.

It’s hard to believe that Time couldn’t find at least one suitable black father for its collection. But perhaps they knew that even if they failed to include a black father in the tribute, it was likely they would receive immunity from criticism by their liberal media brethren since, as everyone knows, liberals can’t be racists.