Accuracy in Media

TIME magazine’s July 4th issue ran an article entitled “Inside the Mind of an Iraqi Suicide Bomber” which ran about 4 pages. While I think it is appalling to give the terrorists that are killing our soldiers so much ink, the quotes reporter Aparism Ghosh came up with are worth repeating.

Ghosh interviewed a terrorist going by the name of Marwan to hide his true identity. As he eagerly awaits his suicide assignment he rehearses his last prayer. “First, I will ask Allah to bless my mission with a high rate of casualties among the Americans,then I will ask him to purify my sould so I am fit to see him, and I will ask to see my mujahedin brothers who are already with him.” So what is his goal? “The most important thing is that he should let me kill many Americans.”

While TIME refers to Marwan as an insurgent as the mainstream media prefers to call the terrorists Marwan says of himself “Yes I am a terrorist” he goes on to say that the Koran says it is the duty of Muslims to bring terror to the enemy, so being a terrorist makes him a good Muslim. So why not use the word terrorist? In my opinion it is because that the word insurgent is softer and makes it appear that this is a grass roots rebellion against the U.S. After all if they called them terrorists all the time it might actually sway public opinion wholly in favor of our policy in Iraq and that is not what the mainstream media wants to report.

I did a search on the TIME web site and found that this year the word insurgent has been used almost twice as much as terrorist in their reporting of the war. It’s almost as if the reporters can’t bring themselves to say the word terrorist. It’s just too politically incorrect.

One other thing. when asked about killing innocent bystanders Marwan says “I pray no innocent people are killed in my mission, but if some are, I know when they arrive in heaven Allah will ask the to forgive me.” Let’s see, you kill an innocent bystander and he goes to heavan and the terrorist actually thinks this person will forgive him for taking his life? It is this attitude that emboldens the terrorists and lets them strike without fear all over the world.

Unfortunately the mainstream media likes to think of the terrorists as martyrs in a noble fight rather than the cold blooded killer of people all over the world.

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