Accuracy in Media

Late last month actress Sharon Stone stood up at a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland and pledged $10,000 for mosquito bed nets and encouraged other attendees to pitch in as well. In a little over 5 minutes she raised 1 million dollars to purchase more netting.

The media hailed this event of yet another Hollywood star raising money for the poor and downtrodden. The netting will undoubtedly save some lives but the most effective way of combating malaria is to increase the spraying of DDT. Can you imagine the media reaction if she had actually endorsed DDT as the best solution?

 DDT is more effective than bed nets because once it is sprayed on the walls of a home it prevents mosquitoes from entering. How do you provide bed nets to people who in many cases don’t even have a real bed?

It appears that this is another case of an actress taking on a cause that she has little knowledge of. The star struck media plays along, going their merry way in the name of political correctness while many lives that could have been saved by more effective treatment die.

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