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Normally ABC’s This Week isn’t even close to be a ratings juggernaut but last week was a particularly low point for the program in D.C.

Last Sunday the show managed to attract a grand total of 7,000 viewers compared to 129,000 for Meet the Press, 50,000 for Fox News Sunday and 22,000 for Face the Nation.

Granted these were only the D.C. numbers but D.C. is the center of politics. With all the news generated there, it may be a telling indication of how uninterested the inside-the-beltway types are with the program. It was the worst showing for This Week since September, 2007.

Nationwide it fared better, coming in third with 2.197 million viewers compared to the 1.349 million who watched Fox News Sunday.

Who knew the D.C. types would actually prefer Fox over ABC?

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