Accuracy in Media

The media coverage of last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) showed a decidedly liberal bent and none more so than an article in the Washington Post on March 3rd by writers Michael Shear and Ann Komblut.  Titled “Conservatives Look for a Winning Hand” with a subhead of “Lack of Candidate to Rally Around Has Key GOP Constituency Feeling Glum” made me wonder if they were actually at the same conference that I had been attending. 

Shear and Komblut relied heavily on conservative activist Richard Viguerie who is no fan of the current Bush administration to paint a picture that CPAC attendees were pessimistic of retaining the White House in 2008.  While not everyone may be optimistic the atmosphere was far from funereal. 

Attendance at CPAC surpassed all records reaching some 6,300 registrants, mostly college-age students in town to support their presidential candidate.  Rather than being a sign of impending doom as the article would have readers believe, it is a signal that the students at least are very excited about a wide-open campaign and plan to invest a lot of their time on behalf of their candidate to make sure there is a Republican victory in 2008.

If Republicans were so pessimistic and gloomy then why did hundreds of them wait in a very long line Friday night to attend a reception for presidentail candidate Mitt Romney?  It surely wasn’t for the free food which amounted to popcorn and cracker jacks. 

Even though the writers gave the Giuliani speech a lukewarm review, buttons featuring the former mayor of New York City were the first to sell out at the conference.  Just more evidence of gloom I guess.

This story is so far separated from reality it just screams of the liberal bias of the reporters.  How they managed to cover a conference with over six thousnad people and only come away with negative comments is a masterpiece of investigative journalism.  Do I hear a nomination for a Pulitzer prize?

John Adams once said that “Facts are stubborn things.”  In this case the facts were inconvenient to say the least and wouldn’t have warranted a story since the enthusiasm of the CPAC activists wouldn’t have fit the Post’s liberal agenda.

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