Accuracy in Media

After Washington and Colorado passed laws to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, The Washington Post published an editorial endorsing the move, while at the same time acknowledging the health dangers of the drug.

First comes the concern:

 There is reason for caution about ditching federal pot restrictions. Marijuana can be harmful, and the Drug Enforcement Administration reports that potency levels are higher than ever. The possibly major effects on public health of more driving under the influence of marijuana is a particular concern.

Then the rationalization:

 …it’s unrealistic and unwise to expect federal officials to pick up the slack left by state law-enforcement officers who used to enforce marijuana prohibitions against pot users and small-time growers. Unrealistic, because it would require lots more resources. Unwise, because filling prisons with users, each given a criminal stain on his or her record, has long been irrational. For the latter reason, we favor decriminalizing possession of small amounts of pot, assessing civil fines instead of locking people up.

What’s irrational is the Post’s position that efforts to rein in the drug trade by prosecuting marijuana users and small-time growers—which has the effect of reducing the availability of the drug—is a waste of time, while admitting that the drug is becoming increasingly potent and endangers public health.

Just another example of twisted liberal logic.

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