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The Washington Post Gets “Occupied”

Mimicking the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York who have produced their own newspaper in the form of The Occupied Wall Street Journal, protesters in Washington, D.C. have now published the first edition of The Occupied Washington Post. [1]

The lead article by former New York Times reporter and current Nation Institute fellow Chris Hedges takes issue with what he calls the “faux liberal reformers” that have signed on to the movement.  Those reformers include MoveOn.org, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the union leaders who Hedges says pull down salaries that are “five times that of the rank and file.”

Well at least he is exposing the hypocrisy of the unions.

The paper is being published by the protesters in Freedom Plaza using some of the $39,700 they have raised to date through their October2011.org website which functions as the online base for the D.C, occupiers.