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The View waded into the Planned Parenthood-Susan G. Komen debate last week by defending Planned Parenthood and accusing Republicans of creating a false investigation into the organization.

Barbara Walters led the defense by describing Planned Parenthood as the nation’s leading sexual and reproductive healthcare provider and advocate. She then went on to say that the reason they are being “investigated” by a Republican Congressman is that they do counseling on abortions, and stated emphatically that they do not use federal money for that purpose, which is what the investigation is about.

Walters went on to list other services that Planned Parenthood provides, such as sex education, contraception, cancer screening, etc.

But as Ross Douthat pointed out in The New York Times, Planned Parenthood provided 329,445 abortions versus just 841 recommendations for adoption to pregnant women in 2010. That’s not really counseling as much as it is encouragement to get an abortion, in my opinion.

And according to Douthat, Planned Parenthood has a pretty good incentive to recommend abortions. He says that about 10 percent of the group’s clients have received an abortion, with critics saying that as much as 30 to 40 percent of its health center revenue is from the procedure.

When Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the lone conservative on the show, mentioned that Planned Parenthood was the largest abortion provider in the country, Whoopi Goldberg quickly turned it back to what Walters had stated earlier. She called the idea that the group used federal money for abortions a lie that has been proven to be false over and over again.

Walters and her liberal co-hosts accept that as fact, and the mainstream media have repeated it over and over again. Why not let the congressional investigation continue? Maybe because they’re afraid it might just prove that their so called “truth” was a lie and they can’t stomach the thought of that potential outcome.

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