Accuracy in Media

The politically correct thought police have claimed another victim-Price Charles.  Yes the Prince has recently learned that even British royalty is not immune from this insidious disease when he suggested that street names in the village of Poundbury in Dorset be named after local war heroes.

While to most reasonably minded people might think this is a good idea not so for the village council which said that would be too controversial.  Heaven forbid that the village honor those that sacrificed so much for their fellow countrymen.  Instead the focus is on the possibility that the heroes may have actually killed someone and that would be a no-no in this politically correct age. 

So rather than the war heroes the council wants to name the streets after the farms owned by the Duchy of Cornwall estate.  That would be well and fine but for the fact that Poundbury is a village and not a farming community per se and contains neo-Georgian styled streets and not acres of farms.  Plus there are plenty of streets throughout Britain named after poets, saints and the like so the Prince’s proposal wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

Alas in a politically correct world real heroes are the villains.

One more instance of this political correctness insanity is a proposal by the Justice Ministry in Great Britain to delete the word “prostitute”  from their law books because it creates too much of a stigma.  Instead a new bill by the Ministry refers to people who sell sex persistently as twice or more in a three month period. 

According to Reuters a Justice Ministry spokeswoman said that they wanted to just remove the label of the term “common prostitute” and that the term had been around since 1824 and was outdated. 

For some reason the Justice Ministry expects that by calling prostitutes something else will have such a positive effect that they will elect to give up their line of work since they will no longer be stigmatized by the word “prostitute.” 

While they’re at it why don’t they also remove words like rapist or murderer?  I’m sure these criminals would readily give up their evil ways if they knew they wouldn’t be labeled in the future. 

That is what happens when political correctness overtakes common sense.  Ridiculous?  You be the judge.


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