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On last night’s Hardball on MSNBC, host Chris Matthews described the GOP presidential nomination battle as a “Food Fight” and expressed his glee at watching the race unfold.

Here is Matthews speaking with Joan Walsh of

Matthews: Let me go to my friend, Joan on this. Looking across the aisle, across the middle politically, it is enjoyable isn’t it, to watch this?

Walsh: It is very, yes, it is very enjoyable.  All of these candidates are doing President Obama’s work for him.  So we can sit here and laugh.

Matthews and Walsh are clearly enjoying what they see as the best thing that could be happening for the Democrats and Obama, to the point that he is almost giddy with enthusiasm. This is a complete change from just a few months ago when he was worried about Obama’s re-election prospects.

With just under nine months to go before the elections, Matthews may be getting a bit overconfident. He appears to be letting that thrill for Obama run up his leg again, like in 2008. But we’ve seen in this year’s campaign how quickly things can change. Matthews may find, come the evening of November 6, that it is the Republicans who will be laughing all the way to the White House.

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