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The New York Times Has A Romney Hair Fetish

As a presidential candidate Mitt Romney expected to be scrutinized for his policies, like RomneyCare, while he served as governor of Massachusetts, and his record as a businessman while running Bain Capital.

But what he probably didn’t expect was for The New York Times [1] to do a full exposé on his hair.

Yet that’s exactly what the Times did on Saturday when they devoted a front-page article to going behind the scenes of Romney and his hair in yet another effort by the mainstream media to try and convince voters that Romney lives and travels in a different universe than most Americans.

Thanks to the Times, Romney’s hair is now a campaign issue.

By far his most distinctive physical feature, Mr. Romney’s head of impeccably coiffed black hair has become something of a cosmetological Rorschach test on the campaign trail, with many seeing in his thick locks everything they love and loathe about the Republican candidate for the White House. (Commanding, reassuring, presidential, crow fans; too stiff, too slick, too perfect, complain critics.)

I’ve been watching Romney since he first ran for the Senate against Ted Kennedy in 1994. While his hair is generally well-coiffed, I hardly think that is his most distinctive physical feature, as the Times puts it.

But the article wasn’t just limited to commenting on Romney’s locks. They decided to dig deeper and spoke with his hair stylist, Leon de Magistris, who has handled Romney’s hair care for more than two decades.

And what was the most revealing fact that the Times found out about Romney’s look? That his hair was –  stop the presses — gel and mousse free!

That and the fact that Romney doesn’t color his hair, which surely disappointed the Times, and which would have preferred that he not look quite as youthful.

With the Thanksgiving holiday this week it was bound to be a slow news week, but this story about Romney’s hair was a real turkey.