Accuracy in Media

There were two losers Tuesday night. John Kerry and the mainstream media. The media despite pulling out all the stops to influence the election results and abandoning any semblance of non-partisanship is now collectively scratching their heads about what went wrong. After all they had exit polls showing Kerry winning and the Zogby International website saying at 5 pm that Kerry would win 311 electoral votes. Zogby has been uncannily accurate in the past. But apparently Zogby had a little too much of the mainstream media kool aid when they made that prediction.

The coverage of the election showed how painful it was for the liberal media to accept the fact that President Bush was going to win re-election. After Fox News declared Ohio for Bush , Susan Estrich tried to explain how Kerry could still win Ohio despite being 130,000 votes short with 87% of the precincts reporting and maybe 250,000 votes left to be counted. It wasn’t a very plausible explanation yet Juan Williams tried valiantly to explain what she meant and only made it worse. Later Williams did the math and realized that there was no way Kerry could win Ohio and the expression on his face was pained to say the least.

One thing for sure was that the media was extremely cautious in declaring victory for the president. Fox News declared Ohio for Bush at 12:38, CBS and the other networks at 12:58 or later. Even with the president leading in Iowa but solid margins in Nevada, Iowa and New Mexico, as of early this morning they still hadn’t been put in the Bush column by a majority of the media.

What is even harder for the media is that President Bush received more votes than anyone else in history, won the popular vote by 3.5 million votes, and added 2 House seats,3-4 Senate seats. There will be some whining that this was no mandate despite the solid victory. My response, Get Over It.

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