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During a discussion on Fox News’ The Five about a new book issued by Casey Anthony’s attorney, Bob Beckel got a little wound up when he said the attorney is just “ripping off the system” to make a whole lot of money, which reminded him of MSNBC’s new afternoon program The Cycle.

“It’s sort of like that show ‘Recycle’ on MSNBC, I think it is, that recycled, that stole our format. If you haven’t seen it, probably because nobody watches it, but, uh, okay, good luck, you’ve got no prayer.”

Beckel, who is the lone liberal and a loud one at that, said the producer didn’t want him to say that, but that he was in a “rough mood” that day.

Must have been if he was taking potshots at a liberal network like MSNBC.

The Cycle, which debuted on June 25, didn’t make much of a splash in its first week, finishing third behind the slumping CNN. That was the same week as the historic Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare and the contempt of Congress citation against Attorney General Eric Holder.

It’s too early to tell how The Cycle will fare in the long run, but if they couldn’t move the needle much during such a big news week, it doesn’t bode particularly well for MSNBC.

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