Accuracy in Media

The Washington Post reported on Friday that students in one Virginia school district are complaining about a new school dance policy that requires the students to sign a pledge to “face each other” on the dance floor. Also on the pledge’s list: no drugs, alcohol or “freak dancing.”

Freak dancing is where a girl gyrates her hips against the pelvis of a guy standing behind her. “It’s very suggestive, and it would certainly not be appropriate in a school setting,” he said one high school principal..

Some 300 students protested that the pledge is a violation of their First Amendment rights with one student being quoted as saying “This is our generation’s version of the twist,” The twist? Chubby Checker never gyrated his pelvis against another woman. One parent even encouraged her daughter and classmates to protest saying ” I’ve got to teach them that you question authority when authority’s gone mad.” Gone mad? Have these parents ever considered that dances like this can lead to unwanted teen pregnancy and maybe even worse?

At the church I attend our teens must sign a dance card in order to participate. Here are some of the items covered in this dance card;

Conduct: Persons attending dances are expected to adhere to standards of conduct, which includes no use of tobacco, alcohol or drug use on the premises. Because the way you dress influences the way you and others act, you should dress in such a way to bring out the best in yourself and those around you.

Dance Standards: Exemplify good taste in dance. No excessively close contact or inappropriate or suggestive movements.

Unacceptable clothing: Shorts, plunging necklines ,backless or sleeveless tops, bare midriffs, extremely tight fitting clothing, extreme hairdos, sweatpants, clothing containing or suggesting an inappropriate message.

I only bring this up because my son just attended a high school homecoming dance and he was disgusted at the dancing going on. He vowed to not attend another school dance. But don’t be fooled.  Middle schools also hold dances and the problems are creeping into them as well.

While the schools seem to be a little late in recognizing the moral decay on the dance floor they should be commended for taking action. For the students who argue the pledges violate their First Amendment rights, they can exercise their rights by staying home.

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