Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

Wolrd Bank President Paul Wolfowitz’s rocky tenure may be coming to end sooner rather than later.

Don’t Blog The Frogs

A new French law criminalizes the filming or broadcasting of acts of violence by anyone other than professional journalists.

Ann Coulter Slams ‘Newsweek’

Columnist and best-selling author Ann Coulter said Newsweek may have made up their latest poll showing Barack Obama leading Republican presidential candidates.  Maybe she is more excited about the Republican field than most Republicans.

Tony Snow Disputes Kansas Governor’s Accusations

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow fired back at Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius’ accusation on tornado response.

Woodward Versus Tenet

Bob Woodward’s review of George Tenet’s new book receives scrutiny.

Debates Spark Wide Interest

The Democratic presidential debate helped MSNBC pull in its best ratings since the Iraq war began.

Katie Leads CBS Into the Cellar

The Nielsen ratings for the first week of the May ratings “sweeps”  for the “CBS Evening News” was the lowest since 1987 if not many years before that.

Howard Kurtz

The abortion rights issue may prove to be more nettlesome to Rudy Giuliani than first expected.

Old Media Bristles At New Media

Traditional media is far from dead according to leading media executives.

Discounted Gas Illegal

A gas station owner in Wisconsin has been ordered to raise prices and stop selling discounted gasoline.






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