Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

The Democrats retreat on Iraq, ethics reform and hospital death rates coming soon.

Muslims And The Media

Coverage of Muslims varries widely in the press.

ABC News Iran Report Questioned

The reveleation by ABC News that the CIA has received presidential approval for a ‘black’ operation in Iran has sparked plenty of criticism.

Romney attacks ABC News report.

Novak Legal Fees Hit $150,000

Columnist Robert Novak revealed that his legal expenses in the Plame leak case came to about $150,000.

Vote Of Confidence For Couric

Former CBS News President Andrew Heyward said that despite her troubles Katie is staying.

Free Video on

Starting July 1st all video on the web site will be available to visitors free of charge.

Howard Kurtz

Monica Goodling is giving Attorney General Alberto Gonzales a king-sized headache.

Zahn Watch

Paula Zahn hasn’t left CNN yet, but people are already lining up to replace her.

Military Bloggers Soldier On

The new Pentagon restrictions may have slowed but they haven’t stopped the military blogs.

Livable, But Not Crime Free

A Boston television crew documenting how livable and picturesque Vancouver Canada is lost about $50,000 in camera equipment to thieves.





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