Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

A web site for exposing snitches, an immigration story and another candidate declares for the presidency.

Across The Media Universe

ESPN’s Obama bias.

The POTUS Channel

XM Satellite Radio announced that they will launch a channel devoted to the 2008 presidential race. 

Fake Journalists

A Vancouver (Canada) policeman impersonates a journalist to make an arrest.

Poll Says Carter Was Right

A new poll released yesterday shows that 51% of those surveyed agreed with Jimmy Carter’s remarks about the Bush administration.

Phillips Out At NBC

Stone Phllips the co-anchor of “Dateline NBC” will leave the network when his contract expires next month.

Preferential Treatment For Clinton’s On Page Six

Did the New York Post’s Page Six editor spike stories unfavorable to the Clinton’s?

Former Imus Producer Loses Radio Gig

Bernard McGuirk the former producer of shock jock Don Imus’ radio program lost his radio gig before it even began.

Fox’s Red Eye

Greg Gutfeld is certainly not your normal television talk show host.

‘The Daily Show’ Factor

Can the mainstream media learn anything from the success of Jon Stewart’s show?

Maybe He Should Have Tried Starbucks

An Arkansas man was arrested on drunk driving charges after he fell asleep in a McDonald’s drive through.



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