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The Daily Wrap May 21, 2007

The Skinny

Campaign [1] donations being used for legal fees and the end of Wolfowitz.

NPR Talent Search

National Public Radio is conducting a nationwide talent search.  Check out this entry [2]and vote if you like it.

Hillary’s Song

David Brooks [3]and Bob Woodward comment on picking a campaign song for Clinton.

Big Bucks In Fallujah

For those looking for a high salary Fallujah [4]is waiting.

What’s In A Word?

The New York Times [5]issued a correction after using the word “fought” instead of “thought” on an article of Barack Obama and his wife.

Howard Kurtz

E-mail and blogs [6]are fast replacing the face-to-face interview.

Journalistic Darwinism

Newspapaers must evolve [7]in order to survive.

Russian Union Feeling The Squeeze

The Russian Union of Journalists [8]is being evicted after refusing to voluntarily turn over its building to the governement.

One Flippin’ Election

An election was decided by the flip of a coin in the Philippines [9].