Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

Campaign donations being used for legal fees and the end of Wolfowitz.

NPR Talent Search

National Public Radio is conducting a nationwide talent search.  Check out this entry and vote if you like it.

Hillary’s Song

David Brooks and Bob Woodward comment on picking a campaign song for Clinton.

Big Bucks In Fallujah

For those looking for a high salary Fallujah is waiting.

What’s In A Word?

The New York Times issued a correction after using the word “fought” instead of “thought” on an article of Barack Obama and his wife.

Howard Kurtz

E-mail and blogs are fast replacing the face-to-face interview.

Journalistic Darwinism

Newspapaers must evolve in order to survive.

Russian Union Feeling The Squeeze

The Russian Union of Journalists is being evicted after refusing to voluntarily turn over its building to the governement.

One Flippin’ Election

An election was decided by the flip of a coin in the Philippines.





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