Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

New breast cancer worries, Rudy’s image questioned and the forthcoming surge in senior citizens.

No Local News From India

The PasadenaNow website has put on hold its plans to use reporters based in India to report on local news.

McCain Says 99% Of Reporters Are ‘Fair’

According to Howard Kurtz, John McCain said that 99% of reporters do a “fair” and “objective” job.

Brian Ross Digs Deep

ABC’ News’ Brian Ross is one of the busiest investigative reporters in television.

‘The Daily Show’ Draws Young Adults

The much sought after but elusive youth demographic prefers Jon Stewart’s brand of news to that of the networks.

No News At Many Community Colleges

Student newspapers at state community colleges in Washington state are disappearing at a rapid rate.

Howard Kurtz

Will Newt Gingrich join the crowded Republican presidential field?

No Gun, No Problem

A teenager was “shot” in the abdomen after one of the bullets he was whacking with a hammer hit him.










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