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The Daily Wrap May 14, 2007

The Skinny

The media reports on the other Obama [1].

CBS Fires A General

Retired Maj. Gen. John Batiste [2]has been asked to vacate his position as a CBS News consultant after he appeared in an ad criticizing President Bush.

YouTube A Democratic Boon

The Democrats [3] have benefitted the most from political videos posted on YouTube.

McCain In The Hot Seat

Sen. John McCain [4]didn;t feel the love during his interview on “Meet the Press.”

Judith Miller Crtiticizes Tenet Book

Former New York Times reporter Judith Miller [5]says George Tenet’s book is self-serving.

Cable News Scrambles To Host Debates

The cable news [6]networks are moving quickly to sponsor presidential debates far in advance of the first primaries.

The Couric Challenge

CBS News [7]faces many challenges as it tries to make the “Evening News” program competitive.

Television Viewers And Politics

A report issued last week by Scarborough Research [8]breaks down television viewers by political party.

The Drudge Effect

A report on John McCain [9]parodying a Beach Boys song would have remained a non-story if not for Drudge.

Reporting And Advocacy

Reporters face challenges when they switch careers to become advocates [10].

Bush The Conductor

President Bush [11]isn’t just the “decider”, he is also the “conductor” as he displayed his skills in Jamestown on Sunday.