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The Skinny

Another prosecutor claims that he was forced out of his job as a U.S. attorney.

CAIR Protecting Muslim Image

The Council on American- Islamic Relations issued a ststement urging the press not to link the Ft. Dix suspects to the Islamic faith even though they are Muslim.

Anonymous Clerk A Hero

The clerk who tipped authorities to the Ft. Dix plotters wants to remain anonymous, but the media is pressing to discover his identity.

Local News From India

The Editor and Publisher of the PasadenaNow website has hired two reporters who live in India to cover local news.

U.S. Military A YouTube Hit

The Multi-National Force- Iraq channel has climbed to number 16 on the YouTube subscription list.

PEJ Talk Show Index

The GOP debate pushed the 2008 campaign to the top of the index.

Rupert’s Better Half

Wendi Deng wields more power than most people know.

Look Ma, No Hands!

A one legged and armless driver led police on a high speed chase in Florida.



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