Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

Now that the Libby trial is over the speculation begins as to whether or not President Bush will pardon the former White House aide.

Another Take on the Libby Trial

Former CBS correspondent Eric Engberg share shis views on the recently concluded trial.

Blurring the Line

Bloggers that accept payments to promote products without disclosing the payments are coming under increasing criticism.

Don’t Blacklist the News

Fox Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes warned candidates not to cave in to activist groups demands to boycott debates.

Will Katie be More Like Walter?

In an effort to save their investment in Katie Couric, CBS is making her newscast more traditional.

More Papers Drop Coulter Column

The fallout from Ann Coulter’s remarks about John Edwards continue as two more papers drop her syndicated column.

What Was Eichenwald Thinking?

Forner New York Times reporter Kurt Eichenwald attmitted this week to paying the primary source for a story $2,000 without telling the paper.

Pyjama Plagiarism

Hundreds of candidates for British universities have been caught plagiarizing parts of their applications.


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