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The Skinny

The New York Times refers to Hillary Clinton as a “Nurturing Warrior” among other things.

Couric at Six Months

“The Evening News With Katie Couric” turned six months old the other night.  How is the program holding up?

Coulter Fallout Continues

The fallout from the remarks Ann Coulter made last week at CPAC continue as a newspaper drops her coulmn and advertisers withdrew from her web site.

Sportswriter Suspended Over Plagiarism Charge

The Boston Globe suspended a veteran sportswriter over charges that he plagiarized part of a football column from another reporter.

The Coulter Problem

If CPAC and others didn’t give her a platform there wouldn’t be a problem.

Howard Kurtz

Why did it take so long for the media to report on Ann Coulter’s remarks?

The 2008 Campaign Led the News Last Week

The latest PEJ News Index shows the 2008 campaign is still tops.

Reporters as Advocates

More than ever before reporters are embracing an advocacy form of journalism.

Coulter Takes Lumps In The Blogosphere

The attacks on Ann Coulter continue days after her remarks about John Edwards last week.

Elvis Lives and Votes!

The late Elvis Presley has registered to vote in Papau New Guinea




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