Accuracy in Media

What Candidates?

U.S. News & World Report answers readers questions about coverage of Dark Horse candidates.

Edwards Campaign Responds to Coulter Slur

Presidential candidate John Edwards campaign issued a statement commenting on Ann Coulter’s remarks at CPAC calling him a “faggot”.

News on the Run

For those too busy to read the enitre newspaper the Philadelphia Inquirer and its sister paper The Daily News have created a digest of the paper inisde the paper.

Howard Kurtz

As Rudy Giuliani’s campaign heats up so does the criticism of his pre 9/11 actions.

Forget Junk Science, What About Junk News?

The media is growing increasingly enamored with news that isn’t very newsworthy.

NBC News Losing its Grip

NBC News may still be the king, but it has lost viewers making the newsroom uneasy.

Metal Thieves Slide Along

Spurred by rising prices for steel and copper, Japan is facing increasing thefts of items like children’s slides and other metal objects.


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