Accuracy in Media


The journalistic line is blurring with the rise of web based documentaries.

Lies And More Lies

The mainstream media suffered another setback when the New York Times admiitted that a large part of an article in its Sunday magazine was false.

Olbermann Benefits By Baiting O”Reilly

Keith Olbermann’s ratings have increased in part by baiting Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

Katie Evokes Strong Reactions

CBS News host Katie Couric has stirred up plenty of conversation on the web site over her interview with John and Elizabeth Edwards.

ABC World News Ties The NBC Evening News

Charles Gibson continues to gain on Brian Williams as ABC tied NBC in a key demographic.

Howard Kurtz

The White House press corps will miss Tony Snow.

Guns or Games?

Police in Mexico City have begun a program to swap guns for omputers and video game consoles.


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