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The Skinny

Democrats offer money for pet projects to gain support for war funding bill.

BBC And CNN  As Enemy Agents

According to the Zimbabwean ambassador the BBC and CNN “champion the imperialist interests”of the British and Americans and should not be allowed to report from Zimbabwe.

Across The Media Universe

Jessica Lynch wants to be a journalist.

More on ‘1984’

The San Francisco Chronicle has upated its report on the Clinton “1984” video that was posted on You Tube this week.

Journalism Teacher Suspended Over Gay Tolerance Article

An Indiana high school journalsim teacher has been suspended after allowing an article on gay tolerance to appear in the school newspaper.

Howard Kurtz

It’s not just the liberal media attacking President Bush.

Iraq War Coverage

After four years the networks have largely conceded primetime coverage of Iraq to PBS and cable.

America Needs A Voice

The Voice of Ameica is still very much needed.

Globe Staffers Heading For The Exits

The Boston Globe is being squeezed by its parent, The New York Times and staffers are eager to take buyouts.

Web Campaign Spots Are Treated Differently

The FEC has a different set of rules for internet campaign communication.

‘Pooh’ Socks Violate Dress Code

A 7th grader in Napa, CA was suspended for wearing socks of Winnie the Pooh character Tigger on them.






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