Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

John McCain on Letterman.

John Bolton Takes on the Media

Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton takes on the New York Times in a C-SPAN interview.

Political Twinkies

With more than a year and a half to go before the election,  presidential candidates struggle to keep voters engaged.

Plame Story Headed to the Silver Screen

Warner Bros. announced that it is developing afeature film on Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson.

Gore Not Considered a Viable Candidate in 2008

A Gallup poll showed  the 68% of those polled gave Al Gore no chance of beating a Republican in 2008.

Does the Media Want to Destroy Al Gore?

One theory on how the media would like a Gore candidacy so the could destroy him.

Blogs Considered Parasites by Some

A discussion of the usefulness or lack thereof of blogs.

Anna Nicole Tops the PEJ Talk Show Index

The late Anna Nicole Smith is still the hot topic on the talk show circuit.

CBS Early Show Gains on Today and Good Morning America

The CBS Early Show is still stuck in third place, but the latest ratings show the best growth for the program in over two years.

Howard Kurtz

Kurtz comments on Post memo to shorten stories.

Unfamiliar Territory

Swiss soldiers on a routine training exercise got lost at night and crossed over the border into Liechtenstein.




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