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California moves up primary date as Plame testifies before Congress.’s Disaster Scenario

The L.A. Times reports that has been running a series on disaster readiness, radiation poisoning etc… that is actually a tie in to the CBS series “Jericho.”

Man Regrets Toppling Saddam Statue

According to The Guardian, the man who led the effort to bring down Saddam Hussein’s statue in Baghdad now regrets his actions.

Helen Thomas To The Front Row

Veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas has regained her front row seat in the new briefing room.

Top Washington Post Blog Deals With Religion

The most popular blog on The Washington Post web site is all about religion.

Howard Kurtz

The Gonzales story originally got off to a slow start.

New Newscast For Public Radio Listeners

NPR’s “Morning Edition” is about to get some competition thanks to New York public radio station WNYC.

Politics And The Media

Journalists married to presidential campaign workers handle the conflict in different ways.

Bloggers Influence The News

The bloggers role in shaping the news.

Who’s Behind The ‘Hillary 1984’ Video

The latest political video to hit the internet has stirred plenty of controversy.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

A British academic who campaigns for cutting carbon emissions is advertising for a chaffeur for his limo.

Upgrade The Dead

An elderly woman who died on a British Airways flight from Delhi to Heathrow was moved from economy class to first class after she passed away startling her seatmate.






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