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Washington Post Columnist Hails ‘Surge’ in Iraq—Fails to Dislose Brother’s Ties

Robert Kagan’s latest op-ed piece published in the Post Sunday hails the “surge” plan but failed to note that his brother is one of the architects of the plan.

Most Papers Stick With Coulter

Editor & Publisher speaks with editors who are keeping the Coulter column.

Fear the ‘Net’

A new study finds that media companis are terrified of the internet.

Howard Kurtz

Brian Williams is hunkering down in Iraq.

The New ‘New Republic’

What has and hasn’t changed with the change in ownership.

Dems Squabble after Debate Cancelled

Democrats in Nevada cave into the left wing and cancel a debate sponsored by Fox News.

Morning News Battle Heats Up

The Today Show may still be in the lead but the other morning shows are turning up the heat.

It’s Not All Katie’s Fault

CBS News’ $15 million anchor’s ratings are hurt by weak lead-in show ratings.

Save the Ants!

Buddhist monks in Malaysia are struggling with how rid their temple of ants without killing them.




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