Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

Wall Street panicked on Monday showing the herd mentality still exists.

Gore Blasts Media Coverage on Global Warming

Al Gore fresh off his Oscar win claims the media is missing the climate change message.

Woodward Says Media wasn’t Aggresive Enough Before the War

Speaking at a conference in Tokyo, Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward says the media should have been more aggressive in their pre-war coverage.

Howard Kurtz

The Cheney trip and attribution.

Santorum to Joinn Philadelphia Inquirer

Former Senator Rick Santorum is in talks to join the Philadelphia Inquirer as an op-ed columnist.

Fox to Begin Streaming Shows on Station Sites

Fox has reached a deal to stream shows on affiliate websites allowing them to sell or give away network programs.

Washington Post Stories to Get Shorter

A memo from Post executive editor Len Downie and managing editor Philip Bennett dictates that reporters will write shorter stories or have them edited by the word count police.

A Lesson in Transparency

Political consultant Dan Gerstein comes under scrutiny for his apparent lack of transparency.

Cheers and Jeers on Woodruff Return

Bloggers were all over the map on the return of ABC news anchor Bob Woodruff.

Man Arrested for Trying to Cash $50K Check Signed by God

A 21-year old man was arrested in Hobart, IN after trying to cash a $50,000 check signed by God.





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