Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

There is one Thompson (Tommy) in the race, but Fred is looming large.  Also a report on the immigration bill vote failure.

Ratings Envy

ABC’s Nightline sees ratings increase as Letterman and Leno decline.

Taxpayer Funded Arabic TV Under Fire

Recent events at  the U.S. funded Al Hurra television channel have made it look more like Al Jazeera.

The Moonves Files

Will the CBS Chief Executive come clean in his upcoming interview with Ken Auletta?

More Taxpayer Dollars For CPB

The Corporation for Public Brodcasting received a boost from congress with an advance appropriation of $420 million for FY 2010.

Journalism Lives!

Contrary to public opinion journalism is alive and well.

PEJ Talk Show Index

The 2008 campaign and politics dominated the circuit.

Howard Kurtz

The one Paris we could do without keeps coming back.

Maybe He Wants To Meet Cher

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper failed to fall under the Bono spell and said he was to busy to meet the rock star.





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