Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

The Palestinian crisis, fighting terror in the Phillipines, McCain on defense, Walter Reed, passport delays and cheap Mexican dental care.

Spotlight on Couric

Why does America have a Couric fixation?

Fox Skirts The Issue

Chris Wallace neglects to ask the tough question on Abu Ghraib.

Ombudsman Wrap

A look at columns from ombudsmen around the country.

Woodward Admits He Goofed on WMD

In an online chat Bob Woodward admits that he fumbled the ball on pre-war Iraqi WMD’s.

Pentagon Hires ABC Reporter

Former ABC White House correspondent Geoff Morrell will become the Pentagon’s new on-camera briefer.

HuffPost Sets Launch Date For Citizen Journalist Project

Arianna Huffington announces the name and expected launch date for her newest project.

The Peretz Problem

Eric Alterman’s take on the reign of Marty Peretz at The New Republic.

PEJ News Coverage Index

The ongoing battle over immigration reform tops the index in the latest reporting period.

Howard Kurtz

Kurtz explores the Democrats Hillary problem.

What’s In A Number?

Numbered license plates in Shanghai now cost more than a small car in China after a weekend auction for the plates.

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